Skin Analysis

What skin type do you have?

More information about the different skin types
After filling in the simple questionnaire, you should have a better idea of your skin type now. Continue reading for more information about the different skin types, including sensitive skin and mature skin.
These are the skin types we can find and the causes:

If we have DRY SKIN, the first thing to consider is that it can be the result of different phenomena: it can be the expression of a lack or excessive loss of water, known as dehydration, or it can be caused by insufficient sebum secretion that originates an alipic state. So when we approach the treatment of this skin type we have to look for active ingredients that favour water retention in the stratum corneum and that will guarantee a correct production of water in the deeper layers of the epidermis. Also, we have to restore the skin’s correct sebum secretion so it has a perfectly balanced epicutaneous emulsion.

If we have OILY SKIN, we know that the problem not only lies in excessive sebum secretion, but also that other alterations may appear such as acne, dehydration, intolerance, irritation, etc. All of this, faced with oily skin, makes us look for active components that balance the activity of the sebaceous glands, providing a matt appearance, that liberate the skin of comedones that prevent the formation of acneic spots thanks to an anti-microbial action. All of this in a gentle and effective way.

If we are going to treat SENSITIVE SKIN, we have to think that just like sensitive people we have to treat it with delicateness. The active ingredients for treating this skin type have to be capable of relieving, soothing, and alleviating possible redness, itchiness, and irritation. They will produce a saturation of the skin in lipids and an optimal degree of hydration that guarantee perfect suppleness and flexibility of the skin. Finally, we cannot forget to protect, tone, and regulate the permeability of the superficial blood capillaries

When looking for active ingredients to treat MATURE SKIN, we have to think of those that attack skin devitalisation typical of this skin type, while carrying out a preventive action. They will have to be capable of preventing and counteracting flaccidity, the appearance of wrinkles, skin dryness, loss of firmness, etc. To sum up, all those alterations are typical of maturity.

Finally, we cannot forget NORMAL SKIN, which we must protect from environmental aggression, and for which it is essential to have a preventive action so it will maintain its condition.