A Small Gesture Changes it All

The fight against breast cancer begins with early detection.

Today breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women: 1 in 8 women suffer from it. According to the Singapore Cancer Society, more than 1,000 women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer, and over 400 die from the disease.
Did you know that a diagnosis in time can save up to 85% of patients?
Prevention is the most effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer.

Early detection of breast cancer considerably increases the probabilities of survival.

The first one should be done at the age of 43, and from then on every two years. If you belong to a risk group you should consult with your doctor about the frequency of the check-ups.
At least once a month. The ideal is to do it a week after the menstruation and in its absence a fixed day every month.
“You have to stand in front of the mirror, recognise yourself again, love yourself again… You begin to feel pretty so you begin to feel strong.”

“Once you see yourself pretty, once you recognise yourself, once you learn to love yourself… you go out to the street saying how wonderful I am, how pretty I feel and also how brave I am, going out on the street with half a centimetre of hair and feeling good.”

Real testimonies of participants in the “Get pretty, you will feel better” workshops of the Fundación Stanpa show the essential role that self-esteem plays.

The patient needs to adapt to the changes she is suffering, and the indications to improve her physical appearance will affect her self-esteem positively and will give her more strength to face the illness.

Here we offer you a brief guide:

  • Sensitivity to solar radiation.
  • Extreme dryness. It is essential to provide a good hydration every day. We recommend Hydracure, which contains Thermal Water from the Izumo Yumura spring in Japan, for the face.
  • Appearance of hyperpigmentation. We do not recommend the use of depigmenting cosmetics.
  • Irritation- pruritus. We recommend the B-Calm line.
  • Paleness, pallid colour. You can use protectors with colour, such as tinted sunscreens.

To provide an extra, we recommend adding a few drops of Multi-regenerating Rose Hip Oil, based on 100% Rose Hip oil, to the daily facial or body cream. Its multiple properties are perfect for treating skin with dryness, redness, etc.

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